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Since its birth, SONG VAPE has been committed to scientific and technological research and development and continuous innovation, and has established a standard research and development laboratory earlier. 55 institutions have mutual recognition and exchange, with cross-international authority and credibility. The laboratory has three core capabilities of chemical experiment, physical test and reliability test, and insists on continuous investment in the production and development of core basic materials and the exploration of basic science of atomization health.
More safe and reliable SONG VAPE atomizing liquid
The main ingredients are plant glycerin, propylene glycol, edible essence, nicotine salt Except nicotine salt, they are common food additives in daily life
Plant glycerol
Improve atomization effect Use: chewing gum, cheese, apple vinegar
Propylene glycol
Enhance the stability of atomization liquid Use: cake, dumplings, noodles
Edible essence
Rich flavor of atomizer Use: Coke, potato chips, beverages
Nicotine salt
Solve the problem of nicotine transmission efficiency More gentle, no choking
New generation nicotine salt process
The latest generation of nicotine salt process Innovation based on traditional benzoate Retain the fragrance fixing effect of traditional benzoate, and the fragrance is more elegant and fresh
Select well-known and stable essence enterprises at home and abroad
Propylene glycol
Sublimated, silky and smooth
Glycerin reduces the real throat sensation
Strictly control the detection of batches and the pursuit of zero gap
Between batches Ensure that the error does not exceed 1%
Maximize the taste Less than 50mg and no nickel Guding flavor
Between large goods and large goods Ensure that the error does not exceed 2%
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