Smoking is harmful to health
Minors are prohibited from purchasing and using
Please show your ID card when purchasing
SONG VAPE Focus on smoke research and development
Continue to increase scientific research investment in smog and deeply explore healthy electronic atomization breathing
Higher than the proportion of scientific research investment in the industry Estimated proportion of fund input to turnover income
Strictly control the batch and batch detection measures, Ensure that the error of each batch does not exceed 1%
More than 60 Chemical experiment and physical test Mutual recognition and intercommunication of reliability professional institutions
Nicotine R&D factory within the system
SONG VAPE has independently developed and produced various concentrations of nicotine. In 2022, SONG VAPE acquired Honghua Biotech to explore the upstream business of producing high-purity nicotine in electronic cigarettes. The nicotine products produced meet the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for pharmaceuticals (APIs), YC/T 383-2010 standard for China's tobacco industry and USP34-NF29 quality inspection standard of the United States Pharmacopoeia Commission. Ensure high-quality and safe nicotine quality.
Strict selection of high-quality tobacco oil suppliers
SONG VAPE strictly selects high-quality tobacco oil suppliers, leverages external forces and its own advantages to continuously collaborate with suppliers, strictly controls quality, and creates higher quality various types of tobacco oil.
Production process automation
Safer and more efficient production environment, avoiding manual error and ensuring product quality
SONGVAPE Touching the pulse of the future, the production process has been basically automated, leading the industry. The first-pass rate of the product reaches 99%, 42 inspection procedures and 100% full inspection. Aerospace industry-grade laser welding technology enables the flexibility and compatibility of parts to achieve the best. SONGVAPE will continue to move forward and make continuous efforts to explore a more efficient and safer future of atomized intelligent manufacturing.
Scale manufacturing capacity
Professional production lines help reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve quality control consistency, and improve customer satisfaction
Recognized by the brand side And there is always a return order
Product form at home and abroad And taste
Core competitiveness of standardized safety
Analysis and test experiment safety evaluation center with core competitiveness


Total test items


Standardized test area


Security test
Protection of minors
Protecting minors, we never relax. SONG VAPE actively responded to the government's call and prominently marked the words "No Minors to Purchase" on the outer packaging of each product. Meanwhile, SONG VAPE requires all marketing channels to prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and to conduct effective age checks on customers to avoid purchases by minors.

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